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Area 2: Maintenance Area (the southern part of Binney Park Drive that connects to Arch Street)

Area 2: Park Maintenance Area:
$82,000 - $94,300
Costs include tree removal/relocation, upgraded pavement (parking spaces and speed humps), tree planting, stone wall repair and repointing.

The Town of Greenwich has placed the maintenance area at the far southern end of the park, along the outside of the park roadway. Included in this area are a one- story maintenance building with garage; small parking area located to the west of the building; plantings of crabapple trees, evenly-spaced along the north side of the park roadway edge. Also within the environs is the stone wall adjacent to the stream, located on the east side of the maintenance area. Town crews carefully tend this area, making it appear neat and tidy. However, because it is separated from the remainder of the park by the crabapple trees only, it is somewhat of a visual intrusion on the historic character of the park. Visitors park along this edge in undesignated parking spaces, partly on the roadway, partly on the lawn. 

Scope of Work 

·      Remove the crabapple trees and relocate them to another part of the town 

·      Create diagonal parking along the north or south edge, edged with granite pavers set into the pavement to delineate the parking area 

·      Create additional parking spots to the west of the maintenance building 

·      Reserve the far western edge for plant storage/nursery use 

·      Plant dense canopied trees along the northern edge of the roadway area 

·      Upgrade the condition of the speed hump by edging and surfacing it with flush granite pavers 

In the long term, repoint and replace missing stones in the stone wall per the recommendations of theEngineering Assessment(Appendix C)

Area 1: Southwest Corner (Arch Street near the underpass)

Area 3: Southeast Edge (the area between the fields and the brook)