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Area 1: Southwest Corner (Arch Street near the underpass)

Area 1: Southwest Corner:
$67,800 - $77,970
Costs include survey preparation, design and construction documents, tree removal, shrub pruning, pathway construction, planting, pavilion restoration, play area fencing.

This shady area located in the park’s far southwest corner contains an eight-sided stone pavilion, located atop a small knoll. Surrounding the structure are mature Canadian hemlocks, oaks and white pines introduction of new plantings, chosen from the original Binney Park plant list (Appendix B) above an understory of mature rhododendron and spiraea shrubs. The hemlocks have been infested with Wooly Adelgid and appear to be in decline, and the shrubs have become overgrown and have lost their original form. A stepping stone walkway leads from the park roadway up the south side of the knoll. A children’s play area surrounded by a grove of dawn redwood trees, stands adjacent to the knoll. 

Scope of Work 

§Prepare a topographic survey of the site, including locations of all vegetation, contours at 1’-0” intervals, and spot elevations around the building and along the pathway 

§Prepare a design and construction documents (drawings and specifications) for the landscape surrounding the pavilion that includes: 

·      removal the diseased hemlocks and selectively clear/prune the oaks and white pines 

·      pruning the rhododendrons, and to the extent possible, the spiraea 

·      creation of an ADA-compliant pathway or pathways leading from the park roadway to the top of the knoll 

·      Restore the pavilion structure per the recommendations of the Engineering Assessment (Appendix C) and Architectural Assessment (refer to Appendix D

·      Upgrade the existing chain link fence surrounding the play area, using a black material to make the structure less visible in the landscape 

·      Construct the improvements according to the drawings and specifications 

Area 2: Maintenance Area (the southern part of Binney Park Drive that connects to Arch Street)