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Area 3: Southeast Edge (the area between the fields and the brook)

Area 3: Southeast Edge:
$80,000 - $92,000*
Costs include stream bank stabilization (boulders and plants), tree/shrub planting, walking path construction, benches, repair of one wood pedestrian bridge. *Note: For complete replacement of the south bridge, add $50,000.

The southeast edge lies along the east side of the park roadway, and is longitudinally bisected by the stream (outflow from the Binney Park pond). An old galvanized steel chain 4’ high chain link fence separates this area from the abutting residences to the east. Several species of trees and shrubs dot the stream edges, including spruce, pin oak, white pine, crabapples, white birch, and juniper. Lack of a stabilizing material, such as boulders or woody plants, has resulted in erosion of the stream edge. Pedestrians may cross over the stream in two locations via wooden foot bridges, a new structure located at the northern end, and an older structure at the southern end, each providing a pleasing decorative element at the park’s southern end. The area lacks pathways leading to and from these bridges, and contains no other site amenities (benches) and because of this, visitors are deterred from walking and sitting along this edge. Overgrown evergreen shrubs (juniper or cedar) stand on either side of the bridge (at the abutments). 

Scope of Work 

·      Introduce boulders and/or woody plant material to the edges of the stream to stabilize the banks and add color and texture 

·      Plant evergreen shrubs or low trees along the eastern property line to screen the chain link fence and views into the neighbors’ yards 

·      Create walking paths connected to both sides of the bridges to promote pedestrian use of the east side of the stream 

·      Provide benches along the paths 

·      Repaint the southernmost wood pedestrian bridge per the recommendations of the Engineering Assessment (Appendix C

Area 2: Maintenance Area (the southern part of Binney Park Drive that connects to Arch Street)

Area 4: Club House Area (the area near the restroom near the fields)