Welcome to My Garden

I have been gardening at the same southwestern Connecticut house for more than twenty years. During that time it has gone lawn with a few shrubs to a picturesque garden with paths and curved beds loaded with flowers. I have planted trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. 

It used to be entirely shady, but a few severe storms has turned my front yard into a sunny border. The back is mostly shady with three enormous trees that were ancient when I moved here. 

Some of the beds are double-dug and some places I shoe-horned plants into the root-ridden clay and rocks that passes for soil. 

I just started this website and I hope to share my obsession with others.

Favorite Flowers

This page shows everything about my favorite flowers (and a few non-flowering plants, too)

Garden Design

I have lots of opinions...

Plant Propogation

Science meets art meets frugality.