These are plans for Binney Park that we created from the PDF pages of the official planting plan. They are not easy to read, but they can be zoomed. A well compensated design firm should provide this as part of their service. The tree identification info is very hard to read (marked up uploaded copy of downloaded PDF, sorry).

The first image shows all the existing and proposed trees. Red circles represent trees that are being removed. Green squares show existing trees that are not being removed. Blue circles show the plan’s proposed trees. These symbols are not drawn to scale.

The second image shows the proposed and “keeper” trees drawn to scale at their mature size. The stars represent conifers. The official proposed plan is a lot easier to read because it does not have the existing tree info on it. It is still difficult to identify the types of trees, but it’s a lot easier than it would be over nine pages, and the size helps.

binney park plan  200.png

This image with mature tree areas drawn to scale gives a much better idea of the area of the trees, but it requires a lot of experience to understand what it will look like.

Note how densely trees are planted on the border of Sound Beach Avenue. The southern section of the park has a lot more big trees, and the view from the north side across Wesskum Wood Road has many new trees.

This view is visible only to birds and Google. I plan on drawing an elevation to show the effect of the trees along Sound Beach Avenue and I will post some pictures to show the best views (eventually…)

binney park plan mature size.png