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Area 9: North Pond Edges (the pond edges north of the island)

Areas 9 and 10: North and South Pond Edges:
$56,000 - $64,400
Costs include tree removal, turf removal (on boulders), boulder resetting, pond edge plantings, repair of one wood footbridge (South Pond)

The original design for the Binney Park ponds included granite boulders lining the edges, presumably to prevent erosion. Flowering shrubs were introduced to provide color and texture. Today, while these boulders remain largely in place, many have slipped into the pond and/or are obscured by turf which has grown to cover portions of them. Only a handful of flowering shrubs remains. The lack of vegetation growing along the edges encourages the
influx of geese; without the obstruction of trees or shrubs, the birds have a clear area in which to land. The town has planted a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees along the streams feeding into the north side of the pond. Some of these, including willows, are in poor condition, and others, including crabapples, were not included in the original Binney Park plant list. 

Scope of Work 

§Gradually remove trees that are in decline and/or were not part of the original plant list; species include willows and crabapples. 

Following dredging operations:
§Remove turf growing over tops of boulders to expose the stone
§Reset boulders that have slipped into the pond; replace any missing boulders
§Reintroduce pond edge plantings of shrubs and perennials, per the original Binney Park plant list (Appendix B

Area 8: Island

Area 10: South Pond Edges (the part of the pond south of the island)