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Area 8: Island

Area 8: Island:
$133,500 - $153,525*
Costs include survey preparation, design and construction documents, tree and shrub removal, regrading around pavilion, tree and shrub planting, pavilion and stone arch bridges (2) restoration. *Note: figure does not include re-sealing of the bridges to prevent water infiltration. To include this cost, add approximately $100,000.

This small kidney-shaped area has long been a favorite of park users. Located between the north and south pond, it is connected to the park via bituminous walkways leading across two stone foot bridges, located on its northeast and northwest sides. Its central feature – a stone pavilion – stands near the island’s southern end. Open air on three sides, the building’s columns frame views to the north, east, and south. Several species of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials grow on the island, including oaks, spruces, red maple, birch, and juniper/cedar. A single Cryptomeria has been planted near the island’s center. Several of the trees appear to be in declining health with broken limbs and/or damaged trunks. Large masses of overgrown evergreens (juniper/cedar) stand at either side of each bridge, obstructing pedestrians’ access to this beloved spot. 

Scope of Work 

·      Prepare a design and construction documents (drawings and specifications) for the island’s landscape that includes: 

o   removal of trees that are in poor condition removal the diseased hemlocks and selective clearing/pruning the oaks and white pines 

o   removal of masses of juniper/cedar from the bridge abutments 

o   upgrades to the pavilion environs, including the seating area 

o   new plantings of trees and shrubs selected from the original Binney Park plant list (Appendix B

o   restoration of the pavilion per the recommendations of the Engineering Assessment (Appendix C) and Architectural Assessment (Appendix D

o   restoration of the stone arch bridges leading to the island per the recommendations of the Engineering Assessment (Appendix C

·      Construct the improvements according to the drawings and specifications 

Area 7: Northwest Lawn and Arch Street Edge (Arch Street between SBA and Wesskum)

Area 9: North Pond Edges (the pond edges north of the island)