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Area 7: Northwest Lawn and Arch Street Edge (Arch Street between SBA and Wesskum)

Area 7: Northwest Lawn and Arch Street Edge:
$50,000 - $57,500
Costs include care of existing trees, removal of shrub masses, new tree plantings.

The Arch Street edge is a similarly long stretch, extending the full length of the west side of the park. The topography on the west side across Arch Street from the park slopes dramatically upward, and this forms a strong natural edge. Several mature species of shade trees stand within the park along Arch Street, including oaks, spruces, and a dawn redwood, provide a bold edge. 

Scope of Work 

·       Continue to prune, feed and provide additional care to the existing pines and replace trees as they mature and die 

·       Introduce new plantings of tall trees to form a strong street edge, including evergreen and deciduous trees from original Binney Park plant list (Appendix B

·       Maintain the lawn as open turf mixed with perennial ground covers 

Area 6: Northeast Lawn and Sound Beach Edge (the entire area between SBA and the pond)

Area 8: Island