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Area 5: Wesskum Wood Edges

Area 5: Wesskum Wood North Edge:
$25,000 - $28,750*
Costs include care of existing trees, new tree planting, tree removal (orchard), and bridge repainting . *Note: for complete replacement of the bridge, add $50,000.

Wesskum Wood Road crosses through the center of Binney Park, making it a prominent feature meriting particular attention. The north side forms the southern edge of the park’s passive northern half, and contains two distinct visual features. On the east side grows a stand of mature white pines and oaks, and the grand height of these trees provides a strong street edge, perfectly complementing the park. On the west is an orchard-type planting, consisting of an evenly- spaced grid of crabapple trees. The low height and full habit of these trees is not suitable as a street edge planting and their scale conflicts with the park’s character. 

Scope of Work 

·       Continue to prune, feed and provide additional care, as needed, to the pines and oaks on the east side, and replace trees with like species and/or evergreen and deciduous tree species included on the original Binney Park plant list (refer to Appendix B) as they die out. 

Remove the crabapple orchard on the west side and replace with pines and oaks to match those on the east side.

Area 4: Club House Area (the area near the restroom near the fields)

Area 6: Northeast Lawn and Sound Beach Edge (the entire area between SBA and the pond)