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Area 14: Hillside (wooded slope west of the intersection of Arch St and Sound Beach)

Area 14: Hillside:
$25,000 - $28,750
Costs include design of steps and pathways (details), clearing, bench installation, sign installation.

This 1.89 acre parcel, located across Arch Street from the park’s northwest corner, offers visitors the opportunity to hike up to a high point and view the park from above through a bird’s eye. A group of volunteers, with support from the Binney Park staff, has constructed two entrances, both from Arch Street, taking visitors up steps and a series of switchbacks to resting spots. In winter, views of the park are possible through the leafless trees, but in warmer months these views are obstructed. Several types of construction materials have been used to build the steps and trail edges, including concrete, boulders and wood timbers. A portion of the trail located at the far southern end has eroded, obstructing navigation of the full loop. The area contains no signs. 

Scope of Work 

Select one palette of materials to use throughout the area for steps and trail edging, boulders and flat stones provide the most durable, long-lasting application. Implement this palette as repairs and replacement of existing materials are needed. 

  • Selectively clear the woodlands and viewing spots to open vistas across the park landscape 

  • Introduce slope-stabilizing native plants, including azaleas, rhododendrons, viburnums and ferns 

  • Provide benches at high points and resting spots 

  • Provide signs marking the entrances, showing trail lengths, illustrating the view from the high points, and warning neighbors about spreading debris in the western edge of the Hillside 

Area 13: Natural Areas (the woods to the northeast)