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Area 13: Natural Areas (the woods to the northeast)

Area 13: Natural Area:
$32,000 – $36,800
Costs include sidewalk construction, shrub and herbaceous planting, sign installation.

This 10-acre area located to the northeast of Binney Park has been set aside as a nature preserve and since its establishment in 1939, has been maintained as such. Entrances, with interpretive and directional signage, have been established at the east and west ends of the area along Harding Road, and an informally blazed trail leads visitors through the preserve along a loop. Inside the preserve, visitors pass by native plants including American beeches, sweetgums, hollies and bull briars. The area includes a significant wetland at the western end, and rock outcropping near the eastern end. Parking along Harding Road is limited to a few cars, and the lack of a crosswalk and sidewalk leading from the Perrot Library across Laddins Rock Road makes navigation to the trailheads on foot very difficult. 

Scope of Work 

·      Construct a sidewalk along the north side of Harding Road, leading from the Perrot Library, across Laddins Rock Road, to allow visitors a safer access route. 

·      Enhance the existing native plant palette within the preserve with additional natives including both upland and wetland species 

·      Provide more interpretive signs discussing flora, fauna and birds 

Area 12: Reading Room (the triangle across from the library)

Area 14: Hillside (wooded slope west of the intersection of Arch St and Sound Beach)