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Area 10: South Pond Edges (the part of the pond south of the island)

Areas 9 and 10: North and South Pond Edges:
$56,000 - $64,400
Costs include tree removal, turf removal (on boulders), boulder resetting, pond edge plantings, repair of one wood footbridge (South Pond)

Similar to the north pond, the south pond was originally lined with granite boulders to prevent bank erosion. Today, many of the boulders have slipped and others are obscured – either partially or fully – by turf. Vegetation nearly is completely absent from much of the edges, except for mature oaks growing along the east (two trees) and west (one tree) sides, and two planted memorials (Dorothy Hamill and War Memorial) on the east side. The Town has planted crabapple trees near the east side along the perimeter walkway. The lack of vegetation provides an open invitation for geese to gather, which they do, en masse. A wooden footbridge, located at the far southern end, allows pedestrians to pass over the outflow stream, and this structure is in good condition, needing only minor cosmetic repairs. 

Scope of Work 

Following dredging operations: 

  • Remove turf growing over tops of boulders to expose the stone 

  • Reset boulders that have slipped into the pond; replace any missing boulders 

  • Reintroduce pond edge plantings of shrubs and perennials, per the original Binney Park plant list (Appendix B

  • Repair the wooden footbridge per the recommendations of the Engineering Assessment (Appendix C

Area 9: North Pond Edges (the pond edges north of the island)

Area 11 A,B,C, and D: Park Entrances (my, that sounds impressive!)